Leading a Multigenerational Workforce


In 2007, AARP prepared a publication in co-operation with Susan A. Murphy, Ph.D. of Claire Raines Associates.  Their research led to information and resources for "Leading a Multicultural Workforce".
In this seminar, these discoveries will be addressed, focusing on the changing landscapes of work, generational trends and intergenerational dynamics.  In workshop fashion, the benefits and challenges for managers of a multigenerational work team will be explored.  Included will be an overview of the generations with workplace characteristics of:  The World War II Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, the Millenial Generation and Generation Y.
Participants will discuss principles for managing generations successfully, myths and realities, best practices, valuing the generations, and similarities and differences across the generations.  Materials will be distributed with time for questions and concerns as they relate to each organization's unique needs, culture and environment.